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Hair Coloring

Super Snips Hair Salon specializes in hair coloring, and we love giving our clients gorgeous new colors. We can give you a full head of color or just add highlights.

Balayage is one of our top services, and it’s a highlight style that grows out gracefully, leaving you free from constant maintenance. We can also offer ombre highlights, which start dark and gradually get lighter toward the end of your hair.

Blonde Wavy Hair
Dying Hair

f you’re suffering from a dye job gone wrong, you can count on us for hair color correction. We can deal with brassy blond hair, colors that have faded to a strange color, and more. We’ll correct the damage and leave you with an attractive, flattering hair color instead. 


The next time you’re ready for new hair color, contact our team of professionals in El Cajon, CA!

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